October 24, 2021 Jerry Rambert

Birch Memorial Clock Tower

Birch Memorial Tower was built in 1909 in memory of the first British Resident of Perak J.W.W. Birch, who was assassinated in Pasir Salak in 1875 by followers of a local Malay chieftain, Datoʼ Maharajalela. It is interesting to note that this memorial project was put into motion by the British Resident of Perak in 1905, E.W. Birch, the son of J.W.W. Birch. The memorial, built at a cost of $25,000, is described as a square decorated tower where each corner is a figure representing the four virtues of British administration: Loyalty, Justice, Patience and Fortitude. On the four civilisation panels around the tower, one can find forty-four notable historical figures portrayed. One of them was the last Prophet of Islam which was unfortunately painted over in the 1990s due to objections from the Muslim community to the depiction of the Prophet.

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